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Metalúrgica Jorba

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This company has more than 50 years ofexperience on health care and cosmetics areas. Nowadays there is one unit inthe city of São Paulo, focused on metallic pieces stamping and one unit inSanta Barbara, in the country side of São Paulo State, focused on theproduction of sponges for the cosmetic market. Jorba is known as one of themain producers in this area, being present all over Brazil and exporting forother countries.

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Components of flanders or aluminum sheets for cosmetic packages

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For application of compact powder, pancake, blush and eye shadow appliers and makeup protectors

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Stainless steel blades for dental floss cases

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D&B  I  ISO 9001

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D&B  I  ISO 9001

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Some of our clients in more than 50 years of company.

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Jorba Units

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